Below is an overview of all relevant projects I have worked on in reverse chronological order, grouped by year. Additional information can be viewed by clicking on a project image, and external project websites are opened by clicking on the globe icon.


Contour shader Contour shader A Maya contour shader to achieve a toon look.
Cel shader Cel shader A Maya cel shader to achieve a toon look.


3D brush shader 3D brush shader A Maya shader for texture bombing, enabling low-effort texture generation while retaining artistic control.


MegaViews MegaViews: many-view rendering Scalable many-view rendering with concurrent scene-view hierarchy traversal. External website


Voxel compression Voxel compression for high-resolution scenes Geometry and attribute compression for high-resolution voxel scenes. External website
Expressive single scattering Expressive single scattering Stylizing light shafts by changing their shape and density, colors and regularity. External website


Stylized scattering Stylized single scattering Stylizing light shafts in homogeneous media using intuitive tools. External website
Flood analysis Flood simulation and visualization for analysis An interactive simulation and visualization tool for flood analysis usable for practitioners. External website


Canonical view Canonical view in 3D cities Real-time canonical-angle views in 3D virtual cities to enhance building recognizability. External website
Website including forums Website including forums Creation of an advanced website containing a forum and other interactive elements.
Irregular perspective Irregular perspective rendering A new definition of the field of view; instead of one frustum, multiple frustums are stacked on top of eachother in the z-direction.

2013 Creation of a personal website including a portfolio. External website
Cloud rendering Real-time cloud rendering on the GPU A novel method for rendering realistic clouds in real-time, even on low-end GPUs. External website


Sky rendering Analytical sky simulation Implementation and analysis of two existing sky rendering methods.
Game physics Game physics Implementation of game physics through prediction and convergence on a client side and actual physics simulation on a server.
Spring/mass system Spring/mass system Simulation of a rope, a piece of cloth, and jelly through representing them as a spring-mass system.
Dark Magic Dark Magic Design and implementation of a small 2D role-playing game.
Space Drifter Space Drifter Development of a simple racing game implementing a self-made game engine.
Flower classification Flower classification A program that is able to classify flowers based on a training set, through the use of HSV and SIFT descriptors.
Irony Irony Production of a short animated movie made through motion capture technology.


Heat Kernel Signature Heat Kernel Signature 3D model retrieval using the heat kernel signature.
Jubula Jubula Applying test tool Jubula to JPacman in Eclipse.
Toy Factory Toy Factory Creation of a speech recognition minigame for English language education.


Shopping Mall Ninja Shopping Mall Ninja Design and implementation of a 3D adventure game.
Hand gestures Hand gestures Maze game controlled by webcam-captured hand gestures.


AI in soccer AI in soccer Artificial intelligence for a multi-agent soccer simulation.


Vriendendienst Vriendendienst Easy to use online event origanizer for elderly people.


The Lost Carrot The Lost Carrot Design and implementation of a small 2D role-playing game.