We investigate the application of the functional test tool Jubula to JPacman in Eclipse. Jubula is a tool designed to test the graphical user interface, or GUI, from a user's perspective. Because it does not require any coding, it is easy to use for testers that lack programming experience, and is quite readable for non-programmers, such as customers, as well.

We found that the Jubula plugin for Eclipse provides an easy way to automatically test a user interface. Jubula is especially useful for testing UIs for which the underlying code is not yet written or finished. It enables you to connect to an external server, which runs the test suite for you, so you will not need to wait for your local machine to finish executing all tests. After the server has run the test suite, Eclipse will show the results for every test step. This way, it is easy to see where a test suite fails; for example, when comparing the content of a text field to a given value, Jubula shows the actual value, and the given value. In our case, the undo functionality did not reset the point count properly, so the test case in Jubula did not succeed and provided a clear description of the bug.

There are, however, some downsides to testing a user interface using Jubula. After running a test suite, you need to restart the application, because state-related or other changes cannot be reverted automatically. Also, running Jubula on a local machine can be very tricky, because you cannot press any key or move the mouse while running the test suite. Except for these disadvantages, we conclude that Jubula can be a very useful tool when developing Java applications with complex user interfaces.

This project was implemented using Java.

This project was finished on the 1st of September, 2011