Dark Magic

We present Dark Magic, a small 2D role-playing game.

In the magical world of Verytail, all inhabitant are capable of practicing magic. The wonderful nature that is ubiquitous in the land is supported by the Life Orbs, large, luminous, magical orbs.

In the remote village of Westend lives Mord, one of the few people with little talent for magic. He spends his days helping the Marchon, the most powerful wizard of the villages. He encourages Mord to improve his skills by training in the forest on wildlife.

After one of these training sessions, Mord returns to find his village burnt to the ground, and all villagers killed, including his family. Amidst the ruins he finds a new Life Orb.

Grief-stricken and furious, he vows to destroy all Life Orbs in the land, starting with this one. He manages so by using a magical crystal he found on his way back earlier. As the Life Orbs is demolished, the crystal is consumed, but Mord sets out to destroy them all. So his quest begins.

This project was implemented using Game Maker.

This project was finished on the 20th of April, 2012