About me

I am a researcher and software engineer who is passionate about computer graphics. I love seeing mathematics and code come to life in beautiful renderings or elegant solutions. I enjoy working at the intersection of research and development, making contributions to science while seeing them being applied first-hand. My research interests include alternative representations and rendering techniques for large virtual worlds, both in real-time and offline scenarios.

I have obtained my BSc degree in Computer Science at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands, and my MSc degree in Game and Media Technology (Computer Science) at Utrecht University. Afterwards, I obtained my PhD degree back in Delft in the Computer Graphics and Visualization group, researching representations of large virtual worlds as part of the Harvest4D EU project consortium. For nearly four years, I was based in Tokyo, Japan, working as a computer graphics researcher at the animation studio OLM Digital. I am now back in The Netherlands working as a software engineer at RH Marine.