Stylized single scattering

Volumetric light scattering is an effect that is used increasingly in feature movies as well as games. It enables rendering scenes more realistically and is often used as an artistic tool to achieve a certain mood in the scene or emphasize certain objects. Thus far, however, little research has focused on artistically influencing the air-light integral and scattering process, which are both very complex. We propose a novel solution to help artists in changing the appearance of single scattering effects. Our approach offers techniques based on occluder manipulation to remove or add apparent complexity to the resulting light shafts and to emphasize the object's shape by enhancing the light shaft borders. Furthermore, we adapt an existing shading technique to control the effect of the light integral intuitively through the use of easily modifiable transfer functions. Our solution is easy to use, is compatible with standard rendering pipelines, and can be executed interactively in real time to provide the artist with quick feedback.

This project was implemented in C++ with OpenGL and GLSL.

This project was finished on the 5th of June, 2015
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